I help customer success teams at B2B startups achieve success


Hi, my name is Queen and I am a customer success consultant. I help customer success teams at B2B startups strategically manage customers better and develop highly effective and engaging customer success programs. Customer success is such an important part of a successful business and my mission is to help your team during critical times of need such as leaves of absence, low budget, new customer success organization, understaffing, and so much more. I work on a flexible contract to meet your business needs either on site, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, or remotely for all other areas.


Here are my areas of expertise and focus.

Account Health and Relationship Management

✔ Co-manage/manage a portfolio of customers

✔ Live personalized product training

✔ Consult/advise on product best practices

✔ Facilitate account onboarding

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Customer Success Operations

✔ Create custom training material

✔ Improve process flow management

✔ Develop customer engagement and product adoption programs

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Customer and Client Love

I pour my heart and soul into my work and business. It's important to me that I deliver high-quality work and have a little fun while doing it. Click Happy Clients to view testimonials from customers I've managed and clients/peers I've worked with.


"You can focus on adoption, retention, expansion, or advocacy; or you can focus on the customers' desired outcome and get all of those things."

Lincoln Murphy


About Me

I was born and raised in Florida and currently reside in Mountain View, CA. I have a healthy balance of work and play. I love music, road trips, and exploring California. Click My Story to read fun stuff about me and learn how sending a slide deck to the founder of a software startup changed my life.