Frequently Asked Questions


We've never hired a contract consultant before. How does this work?

No worries! About 90% of the startups I've worked with have never hired someone on contract. The process is fairly simple and easy.

1. We set up a call to discuss your business needs and my experience to see if there is a mutual fit.

2. We negotiate the length of the contract, project work details, terms, and pay rate.

3. I'm ready to start! I will invoice you for time worked (unless your company uses a preferred billing system such as Kalo).

What is your preferred contract length?

The contract length is based on your business needs so either a 3-,6-, 9-, or 12-month contract.

Do you work full-time or part-time?

I believe in giving each client and project my full attention, so I only take on one full-time client contract at a time.

Can I view your resume or case studies?

Absolutely! I'd be happy to send you my updated resume and case studies. Just shoot me a message. I also have a few case studies listed on my website here.

If we like you and your work, can we hire you full-time?

I've been offered full-time employee and management positions in the past. What I like best about my work is the opportunity to work with different teams and companies on a variety of customer success projects. I learn so much! I'd sincerely appreciate the kind offer but I am only interested in working temporary contract work; however, we can always extend.

Do you work on freelance platforms such as Upwork?

I have in the past but not anymore. In fact, that is where I got my start freelancing. The fees now are too expensive for both the client and freelancer.

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